Kraft’s Snack Division renamed Mondelez… a Brilliant Idea!

Kraft’s decision to name its soon-to-be-stand-alone snack division, “Mondelez” is a very smart move in more ways than one. “Monde” is derived from the Latin word for “world” and “delez” means “delicious”.  By separating the snack division from the North America focused grocery division and giving it a name that is clearly not America centric, Kraft is establishing a business that will have global appeal.

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March 26, 2012   1 Comment

P&G's Pampers Shows How Focusing on Social Media can Address a Product Concern Head On.

Recently, there has been some press about whether an improved Pampers product gives babies rashes. P&G met the issue head on in a number of ways, most recently by meeting with “mommy bloggers” and being open and transparent about the underlying research indicating there is no problem. Pampers went to the center of the debate and addressed the issue directly with its core consumers. And their business hasn’t suffered at all.

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June 16, 2010   5 Comments

Back to the Past. Nostalgia is Back in Branding, Again.

This week MillerCoors announced that they will test market a new beer called “Batch 19,” bringing back a “pre-prohibition recipe.” The future is the past. And why not… we live in challenging times where we are all nervous about our future.

You’ve just got to look around to see how tough economic times strain our desire to take risks. It makes sense that we feel more comfortable with what we know than what we don’t know. Grandma’s recipes are looking better and better. [Read more →]

March 19, 2010   225 Comments