Discover Network - Organizing a brand architecture so the company and its customers better understand the offerings

  • Situation: Confusing presentation of products and services
  • Services: Brand Architecture strategy, Product Architecture, Name Decision tools
  • Results: Product Architecture to guide organization of all products and services
As a result of the 2004 court order allowing any bank to be in the payments processing business in addition to VISA and MasterCard, Discover Network has been growing rapidly, providing a complete array of products and services. Because of the rapid growth, the product name array was confusing and management realized it was not as hardworking as it could be. Our task was to help organize and clarify the products and brands, and provide a roadmap guiding how to name products and services to help Discover Network become a major player in the industry. We developed the underlying brand architecture strategy, product architecture and decision processes to help guide critical decisions in how to evaluate existing product names, and when to develop new proprietary names.