BrightPoint - Shaping a leading mobility brand for the future

  • Situation: Lack of clarity about what BrightPoint provides and its value to customers and shareholders
  • Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Identity, Visual System, Website, Brand Communication
  • Results: Successful transformation of the BrightPoint brand
With hundreds of products and services for multiple types of customers in the mobile device industry, it was hard to understand what BrightPoint does and the long-term value it provides. By creating a powerful brand idea to drive communications and behaviors, and also simplifying the vast product array into an easy-to-understand architecture, customers, employees and investors have a better understanding about the breadth and depth of what the company does. From the brand strategy, we designed an updated identity, a comprehensive visual system and website. In addition, we created a new sales presentation to help existing customers expand their relationship, and new prospects understand the full value BrightPoint has to offer.