BellSouth - Bringing name development in-house

  • Situation: Proliferation of inconsistent product brands was expensive to support and diluting the parent brand
  • Services: Product Branding System and Naming Guidelines for an internal naming process
  • Results: Consistent naming practices, cost containment, employee empowerment

BellSouth‘s lack of a formal naming system led to a proliferation of product brands with inconsistent names that were costly to establish and failed to capitalize on or support the parent brand. We developed a formal, internal naming process that enabled the company to realize great cost savings as the number of new trademarks was significantly reduced, the time to market was increased, and costs were contained.

By helping BellSouth establish a centralized naming capability for all of its divisions and lines-of-business, we helped them achieve greater efficiency. In addition, names developed had a better chance of supporting the company's near and long term positioning goals, and were more likely to be legally available. By creating a system where business units, marketers, legal resources and others could come together in a more organized manner, the process helped contain the cost of launching multiple brands and enabled employees to play key roles in developing the best names possible for all BellSouth offerings. This ultimately contributed to success in its growing marketplace.