1Sky - Creating a new brand to umbrella the Climate Change Movement

  • Situation: Need for a grassroots brand
  • Services: Brand Positioning, Brand Name, Brand Identity
  • Results: Establishment of a new brand to galvanize people to demand policy change

Several of the leading organizations and foundations focused on making climate change and energy independence top political priorities needed to name and identify their initiative. This meant uniting hundreds of disparate climate change organizations under one umbrella so that collectively they had the clout at the grass roots level to create change. The mandate was to facilitate bold federal action to reverse global warming. Based on this lofty agenda, we created the brand strategy and the new name, 1Sky, and a powerful tagline "One Climate. One Future. One Chance.". Our design partner conceived of a truly unique and memorable identity. The 1Sky campaign is growing every day and making an obvious impact on the political agenda in the US and around the world.